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Founded in 1952 by the late Aaron W. Johnson, West Bend Sand & Stone, Inc. has over 60 years of experience in the sand and gravel industry.  Stop by our site on Hwy 33.

History of Great Service

In 1952 Aaron Johnson owned a ready-mix concrete business but struggled getting the sand and stone needed for his concrete. Teaming up with local farmer George Bies, Johnson decided to start his own aggregate company. Fall of 1952 saw the beginning of production on forty acres of land known as Horseshoe hill. Johnson eventually bought out Bies, and as his love for the gravel industry grew he ended up selling West Bend Ready Mix, Inc.  to Yahr's Ready Mix.

Our Worksite

Only 125 acres of our 220 are used for mining, as we strive to keep our environmental impact to a minimum.  70 acres are kept as agricultural to provide a buffer to our neighbors in an effort to keep conscious of any dust or noise.When the mine is depleted we will have created a beautiful 72 acre lake as well as several commercial building sites along Hwy 33.

Approximately 90% of our gravel is excavated by our Manitowoc 4600 dragline, helping to fulfill the reclamation of the site through the creation of the lake.

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